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Masterclass #AEDA19

Saturday, May 11TH

Accurate recording and interpretation of ABR and ASSR

Dra. Linda Hood – Vanderbilt University [16:00-17:15h]

Auditory evoked potentials are a very useful tool for hearing loss diagnostic. Auditory evoked potentials allow us to infer the patient’s auditory threshold as well as labeling the hearing loss cause. There are multiple options to generate and measure and auditory response and it is important to have a good understanding about the physiology and anatomy of the auditory system in order to interpret them. It is also important to be familiar with the equipment in order to extract reliable information. All this information will be covered in Dr. Linda Hood’s master class, a well-known researcher and clinician on electrophysiology.

Semiology and physiopathology of the posterior labyrinth.
Foundations for the functional exploration of equilibrium

Dr. Gabriel Trinidad – University of Extremadura [16:00-17:15h]

The vestibular system provides information to the brain when our head experiences linear or angular acceleration. Knowing the vestibular system, its physiology and pathologies (sometimes related to hearing dysfunctions) is key to learn how to evaluate the equilibrium and counsel our patients properly. This interesting topic will be covered by Dr. Trinidad, a vestibular system specialist.


Towards the excellence on hearing aid fitting in minimal hearing loss

Dr. Michael Boretzki – Phonak AG, Suiza [17:45-19:00h]

Hearing aid fitting seeks to solve our patient’s communication difficulties. The audiologist uses the best tools available to assess the degree of hearing loss, prescribe the most adequate hearing aid and provide the best possible fitting. But, is it possible to do something else? Is there any other step during the hearing aid fitting process that we could improve? This exciting topic will be covered by Dr. Boretzki.

How to design and execute a clinical case study

Dr. Rubén Polo – Hospital Univ. Ramón y Cajal, Madrid [17:45-19:00h]

Clinical research allows to assess the impact of new treatments in our patients. It is mandatory to design our clinical research properly to obtain reliable and valid results. With adequate training we could be able to design clinical research with our patients, have a better understanding of our patient clinical testing results and comprehend more easily clinical research published on scientific journals and conferences. Dr. Polo will discuss the most important aspects of clinical research.